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Top 10 Frequently asked questions(FAQ)
  • Signup, Login and Forgot Password?
    • How do I register with BookMyDJ?
      Click on the 'Signup' link on the homepage of, Enter your full name, Email id., contact number, Location, password and click on 'Submit' and you are registered with us.
      Is it necessary to register for booking DJ'S?
      Yes! Add more text here.
      Why am I being asked for my Mobile number?
      Well, the simplest reason being that it is for the security of your transaction and also so that the booking confirmation can be sent to you via SMS. What's more, you also get the dope on discounts and offers.
      What are the benefits of registering on the site?
      By registering, you get access to your booking history on the site. You can also opt to get information on special offers.
      I have forgotten my password, how do I proceed?
      On the "Login" page of, Find Forgot password option and enter your Email in the box, click on the Reset Password link, and the password will be emailed to you on the email address registered with us.

  • Searching and Booking of DJ?
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  • Payment and Booking Details?
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  • DJ Booking and Cancellation?
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  • Discount and Offers?
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  • Terms & Conditions Or Privacy Policy?
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  • How to Register yourself as DJ?
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  • Offers and Benifits for Registered DJ?
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